Halloween Plans

Halloween’s always been a huge deal for me, but it started to get out of hand the year I switched to the Theater major with an emphasis in makeup and moved in with my friend Emily, who had the same major and many of the same, er, obsessions. We were both into Medieval reenactment, for example, and had a stash of cloaks, daggers, armor, dramatic boots, etc. Since we wore these costumes on a weekly basis, I think we both subconsciously felt that Halloween had to be that much cooler to be special. Add to that the fact that we both liked throwing complicated parties. The results? Two crazy redheads sewing frantically at 2 am on October 31, putting the finishing touches on a red satin evening gown (Emily’s) and a black leather and velvet waist cincher with silver grommets for my pirate costume. We filled our living room with cobwebs and shrouds, and served refreshments that included a cake with flowers piped in black icing.

The next year I was married and several months pregnant, but we still upped the ante with black and purple candles in black wrought iron holders and silver candelabras, blacklights and red lights, a glowstick in the toilet (we turned off the lights so that the toilet glowed from inside), and baked apples that bled when you bit into them. I believe she wore a very accurate handmade Victorian corset and bustle, though I was too morning sick to notice much of anything and had to settle for throwing on some Goth stuff I had lying around, along with a pair of custom acrylic fangs that I also happened to have. And a pair of fuzzy bunny ears. Yeah, I was pretty out of it.

Things have calmed down (a little) since then, with most of our friends graduated and Emily and I both married, but we still throw a Halloween party every year and make costumes as crazy as we can spare the time for. My personal record was probably the hand-made tattered fairy wings with matching circlet and fingerless gloves. Those took me weeks to put together.

Last year I did these guys:

and these:

and this one:

And nothing in moderation, it seems, when it comes to Halloween.

But this year, I have a baby due nine days after Halloween. For all I know, I could be in labor the day of, or at least far too tired and bloated to do anything creative. Will I let this stand in the way of making overly-complicated costumes for the whole family? Not a bit. I’ll just have to start now!

Yeah, I know, I’m already doing the Christmas tree thing, and I’m sewing Persephone’s bedding by hand. But I’ve got 9 weeks, and I’m bent on trying, because I certainly won’t have time for this sort of thing after.

Echo wants to be a ghost. Specifically, this ghost.

While I had something more like this in mind…

Only deader. She’ll probably end up with both, since I’m not sure her school will let her wear the first one anyway.

So Tom and I are going to go with the ghost theme. Maybe something like this Martha Stewart cloak for me:

And something like this for Tom:

Only cooler, and with a cravat.

So. Ambitions laid forth. I wonder what Emily is planning this year.


~ by scorchd on September 12, 2010.

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