Halloween Cookies

Halloween makes me happy. So do vampires. And cookies too, now that I think about it.


So these smiley fang Halloween cookies are a perfect representation of, um…something. Of my complex feelings on the subject. Yeah. Anyway, they are very well done! Either this person is using edible ink pens (want!) or they’re really good at flooding with royal icing. The blog is called Cookie Crumbs, and these cookies go for 8 for $8.

These next ones win bonus points because they sound really easy to make, even though they look impeccable and make an impressive display.


Actually, I wish I could post this lady’s entire blog. Her name is Lisa Mitchell, and she does beautiful cookies. Her secret is rolled cream cheese frosting. So you roll out the icing and cut it just like the cookie, and it’s made with cream cheese, which means it probably doesn’t taste like crap (aka fondant)! Also, she just posted a recipe for sweet potato casserole with autumn leaf  cutouts on the top. It could only possibly be better if it were squash and apple casserole with autumn leaf cutouts on top. Guess what I’ll be making in a few weeks when squash comes into season?

If I were handing out prizes on today’s post, these last ones would win one for execution:


They’re from a blog called Goodies! by anna, and she burned her own stencil to make them. That’s right: she burned her own stencil. For cookies. I think they’re very tasteful!


~ by scorchd on September 23, 2010.

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