A V-Day Question

A few years back I decided to sell some of my pastry creations for Valentine’s Day. I made some, shall we say, organizational mistakes. I spent the day driving, half of it through icy snow, and ended up with a lot of happy customers but a stressed me, and no wealthier for the endeavor. The one lady who wasn’t happy wanted me to deliver to her son at the MTC, which required using an outside shipping company and a lot of extra effort, all for the price of $5. This I did, but she was unhappy about something and never paid me. Lesson learned: pick up only (barring an extra delivery fee), payment on pickup.

So this year I’m thinking about selling again, and I’d like your opinion!

Would you buy this:

Donut bouquet–great gift for guys




Giant heart brownies in chocolate and peanut-butter chocolate






Anti-Valentine’s cookies! (These were for fun–selling cookies would be nicer)

…and I guess I could do regular Valentine’s cookies…


Or fancy cupcakes? No pictures–never done those for V-Day, but I do lots of cupcakes and they’re cool individually packaged, especially the minis.

So if you were buying pastries as gifts this Valentine’s Day, which of these would you most likely choose? Least likely choose? What would you price them at? With individual packaging? Without? I’d greatly appreciate your help!



~ by scorchd on January 7, 2011.

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