Sugary Overload for the Day

What is better than sugar? Two kinds of sugar, boiled into a hard mass, with colored sugar stirred in, and coated with more sugar when it’s done! Yaaaay!

My seven (now eight) year old brother-in-law has his birthday party today. I wanted to make him a freaking huge sucker, but it turns out that not even greased Teflon is a match for hardened sugar syrup, and I ended up having to use a hammer to break the candy out of the frying pan.

The hammer might have been an improvement! It ended up looking pretty cool, not to mention more bite-sized.

It’s watermelon-flavored with sour powder on the outside. I used two sizes of sprinkles for the polka-dot look. I put it in a bag and sent it off with my daughter to his party. I hope he likes it, and that his parents aren’t ticked about all that sugar. He is, um, very energetic, even without candy.


~ by scorchd on January 8, 2011.

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